People Get Ready, There’s A Train Comin’…….

I just happened to check my Twitter Timeline the other day on Tweetdeck and a Tweet from @Forrester’s David Truog @forrDavidT caught my eye.  It simply said, “Get ready for the ultra-connected customer to upturn marketing in 2013.  The link was: 
I read the short summary of their new study and the first of his recommendations rang true.

“As a marketer facing this surge of perpetually connected customers, you need to seize the opportunity and:

  • Master multichannel marketing now more than ever. “

Today I was reviewing a B2B company’s website and digital media strategy, and that quote resonated again, as I saw inconsistent branding across channels, multiple names for the same product line, 3 generations of corporate logos, and more.   For smaller startups and mid-sized companies, I believe this is a real problem, as each channel competes for attention and a limited marketing budget.

However, the critical thing to keep in mind now is that B2B customers are increasingly looking to multiple channels to research the companies they might buy from.  When the message is confusing, the branding and corporate image unclear, or the product names are inconsistent, these potential customers easily move on your competitors, usually the next company on their list. 

I think David Truog is definitely right on the money here!  I suggest that “People Get Ready, There’s A Train Comin’…….”

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