I’m headed for San Diego tomorrow morning to attend #DistribuTECH. I have an action packed schedule of meetings with some of the most interesting companies, and a few old friends in the industry.  It’s amazing that #DistribuTECH has continually reinvented itself over the years, it seems like yesterday that I was in Palm Springs for one of the first conferences in 1994, then called #DADSM, for Distribution Automation and Demand Side Management.  Every time I walk in the doors, I expect to see #Itron right up front and center, and this year expect to see some of the emerging #bigdata analytics companies like #SpaceTimeInsight moving up there to the first row.  I’ll be walking the floor, looking to talk to old friends, and new emerging companies poised to change the landscape of the #SmartGrid, #DemandResponse, #DistributedGeneration, and #BatteryStorage.  See you there!


The website and blog are now live and kicking with examples of awards and corporate image work. I’m thrilled to be headed to San Diego Tuesday for #DistribuTECH.  Hope to see you there.  After weeks of cold in Northern California, here comes the sun!  “It’s getting better all the time.”

I read a great post today on LinkedIN by Geoffery Moore, “The Tide Has Turned” that challenged all of us involved in IT to move beyond developing the next gaming app, developing new IT applications and services that take everyone to the next plateau.  Having helped take companies like Siebel Systems across the chasm, I always listen to his advice and try to apply it to the industries I am focusing on, which are basically utilities, smart energy services companies, and commercial, industrial companies that are connected to the smartgrid and are poised to potentially gain competitive advantage from understanding and utilizing the wealth of data from facilities and devices using big data energy analytics.  I truly believe there is tremendous opportunity here.

To set the stage, I’d like to share my post Christmas 2012 story.  Right after Christmas the cold wave hit in Northern California.  Night-time temperatures were in the 20’s and 30’s and day-time temperatures were in the 40’s.  After the holiday guests had left, I woke up on a Thursday and noticed that my furnace was struggling to heat the house, running all the time, and by noon, failed.  I called my HVAC contractor that had installed the heater, and they talked me thru some things to try.  Fortunately their suggestions worked and the furnace started after the reset timer reached the 3 hour limit.  Given it was a Spare the Air day in the Bay Area, it would have been a cold night with no wood-burning fireplace to provide backup.

The incident got me thinking about next generation smart services and the smart grid.  I recognize that my house has PG&E residential smart meters on it for both electricity and natural gas, and PG&E had access to high resolution data on my energy consumption on a near real-time basis.  However, my furnace is 2000 vintage and is not connected to the Internet of Things.  I firmly believe Geoffrey Moore’s next plateau of high value IT applications will include Smart Services that use big data analytics and tools that tie together building and facility smart meter data with machine to machine (M2M) streaming data from smart thermostats, and every other device, alerting Smart Services companies that can text me and meet me at my door when I come home from work, to make sure my home is warm and secure.

My new company, IntelligentNRG, is based on the premise that big data provides a wealth of streaming data from devices across the “Internet of Things,” enabling new software tools and services that energy services companies, HVAC and refrigeration contractors, data centers, and utilities can offer to increase their impact, effectiveness, profits, and customer satisfaction.

As the Internet of Things, i.e., every new device in the land is connected, I’ve got to say “we’ve ain’t seen nothing yet!”

All the best!


Jim McCray

Managing Partner and Founder


During January, 2013, I took some much needed time off with my family, and am now back from Lake Tahoe, and ready to launch IntelligentNRG.  I am heading to San Diego early January 29th and will attend Distributech 2013, the major North American Utility Distribution and SmartGrid conference, which I have attended and/or exhibited at almost every year since the early 1990’s in Palm Springs.  I plan to meet with many friends and business associates, to better understand their needs, and introduce them to IntelligentNRG.  Please let me know if you want to set up a meeting at #DistribuTECH.

All the best!

Jim McCray

Managing Partner/Founder jim@intelligentnrg.com

During December we are launching IntelligentNRG, not only with Twitter and Blog presence, but more importantly as a Strategy, Marketing, and Executive Management Services firm for startups and growing companies in the Demand Response, Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management, Building Automation, Data Center Infrastructure Management, and the Smart Grid markets. Look for the company announcement and full launch of the IntelligentNRG.com website and company site on LinkedIN in late December 2012.  Our contact information is:

All the best!

Jim McCray

Managing Partner/Founder




IntelligentNRG will focus on the convergence of Demand Response, Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management, Building Automation, Data Center Infrastructure Management, and the Smart Grid.  We believe that each of these industries is deeply inter-related and the successful market leaders in the Energy Management industry will have deep roots in one or more of these industries, offering products and services that cover most if not all of these markets.  Follow us now on Twitter at @IntelligentNRG where we will launch IntelligentNRG’s website and blog in December 2012. We hope you will actively comment and participate as this market rapidly evolves.

Of course, we are open to new ideas, collaborators, and certainly sponsors and industry partners.  Contact us at IntelligentNRG1@gmail.com.

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