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“The first thing you smell at the Huy Fong Foods factory in suburban Los Angeles is the overwhelming aroma of garlic, a key ingredient in the company’s signature product: #Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce….David Tran is the 68-year-old founder and owner of Huy Fong, and the creator of the sauce that has brought his family-run business some fortune and fame as one of the fastest-growing food companies in America. Last year, the company sold 20 million bottles.”

The story quoted above was posted today on @BW BloombergBusinessWeek is an amazing read.  Check it out here:

A great example of a startup in a huge industry cluttered with incumbents making it big.  With a new factory opening, will advertising be next?  I can just imagine #AliciaKeys wailing out “This sauce is on fire, this sauce is on fire……..”

There is a great infographic on the 10 things your should know about Sriracha by Vicki Chang on #OCWeekly.  Here are the first three.


Here’s the link to the full infographic and story:


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